The Story of Smitty’s Painting

My family and I moved to Charlotte from the NY area back in 2003. I had retired from the FDNY (Fire Department of New York) in 2002. While a firefighter in NY, I also worked part-time as a handyman.

After settling in, I saw all the new construction going on in the area and decided to continue my work as a part-time handyman. Over the years our business has grown as we have combined the handyman work with painting and power washing. We have also been able to keep our prices low by growing over time, mostly via referrals.

How do we do that? By the performance of CPR just as I did as a firefighter..........with the following twist.

C   ourteous
P  rompt    &
R  eliable

Being courteous is obviously something we all strive for, no matter what life throws at us.

By remaining small we can be prompt. We can get you a free accurate estimate within a couple of days of your request.

We are also reliable for the same reason. We’ll show up when we say we will or we’ll call if delayed for any reason.

These are all things I appreciate when I have people working at my home so extending the same courtesy is really a no brainer.

Only by sticking to the credos above and giving our customers the kind of quality service they will remember at an affordable price can a business be built on referrals.

If you or anyone you know needs “CPR” performed by Smitty’s Painting , give us a call.

Thank you,
Warren Smith



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