Interior –

  1. Using FLAT ENAMEL (or flat matte depending on the brand) as your paint sheen has become a popular choice. Reason being is it will hide any imperfections that may exist on your wall and at the same time, it's washable. FLAT paint is not easy to wash and the more glossy paint sheens will actually enhance any imperfections. Here's a good rule of thumb when picking sheens.............

    FLAT: Ceilings.

    FLAT ENAMEL: Bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, bonus rooms, stairways and foyers.

    EGGSHELL: Kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

    SEMI-GLOSS:  All trim and doors.

  2. Painting your interior walls is the fastest and most cost effective way to increase the value of your home. Return on investment is approximately 75% when done by a professional.
  3. When choosing colors, remember the following:
    • If you are picky, buy a sample size and apply it to your wall.
    • Bring a pillow or piece of fabric with you to the paint store. Choose your wall color after choosing your furniture, window treatments or rugs.
    • Most paints will dry one shade darker than the paint swatch.
    • If you may be selling your home within the next few years, stay as close to neutral as possible when choosing your colors

Exterior –

  • Just as with your interior, trim should be semi-gloss. The look is better and the added sheen will make it harder for mold and mildew to adhere to the surface.

  • Window sills are the most susceptible to damage from the sun, rain, etc. Consider an extra coat or two of paint on these surfaces.

  • DO NOT go cheap on the paint! This is especially important on exterior wood surfaces that need a good THICK paint for maximum protection. Think Heinz ketchup vs. a generic brand.

  • Always include power washing prior to painting in your budget in order to prep the surfaces to be painted.

  • Always include caulking around windows and doors as well to replace old or cracking caulk that may effect the energy efficiency of your home.

  • Painting your home’s exterior has even greater return on investment than interior painting when selling your home. It has proven to be 90% effective in home sales. This is the highest return of any home improvement project except for high efficiency furnace upgrades.
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